Tangosalons in Köln

Fast an jedem Abend in der Woche lädt man in Köln zum Argentinischen Tango ein. Auf Tango-Koeln.De findet ihr sie alle. Einfach Tangosalons im Hauptmenü anklicken und Euren Lieblingssalon suchen.

Jeder Salon bekommt  auf Tango-Koeln.De seinen Platz.

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Practicing Tango! Dancing Tango!

At a practica you can perfect your tango skills or simply ask one of the many tangueras and tangueros to dance.

Cologne's well-known tango spots regularly offer salons that are often frequented up to the early hours of the morning by dancers from the region. We are also happy to welcome the many guests from all over Germany and our tango-loving neighbour countries!

Tango salons today

Tuesday Rheinpark 
Wednesday La Torre, Sótango 
Thursday Tango Colón 
Friday Don Tango Club, tango8 
Saturday Sótango, Tango Colón, Los Quintos, El Ultimo, La Superclásica 
Sunday Dominguera, Sótango, tango8, Neo-milonga im Sotango, Todo Tango